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Who is Freelance Linguistic Solutions

Freelance Linguistic solutions is a company that cares for the ‘every need’ of its clients. We have an extensive list of various types of project successfully completed. We pride ourselves upon having fulfilled these contracts completely; satisfying each and every client.

Certified and qualified, Freelance linguistic solutions is an Italian based company, which has experience in many domains, leading to an extensive knowledge base that we are willing to share with our clients. We have created this site with the intention of attracting a varied clientele, and are keen to propose our services.

Attention to Detail

It’s our attention to the detail, planning of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the crowd. We are creative, whilst keeping a close eye on your project.

Certified and Qualified translator

 MA in translations & MA in interpreting (Milton Keynes | Open university)


We bring our diverse background from; technical manuals, advertising, design, site-homepages, legal document translation, legal translation for business, legal translation for business expansions, commercial, literary, technical, judicial, administrative, medical, website, script, financial, local knowledge, multimedia & software to work for you. Hopefully not only will the result exceed your expectations, but would bear you fruit.


Our prices are competitive and fair, with no surprise invoices. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-authorised by you. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves… with respect.

Meeting Deadlines

We mutually set deadlines with our clients prior to any deal; & ensure we work as agreed to the standard requested.

Working a project at the last minute with a short deadline is always something that can be very challenging but not impossible, we DO know how to make sure we meet expectations.